Frequently Asked Questions about
making donations using CanadaHelps:

Q. What is CanadaHelps?

A. CanadaHelps is a charity that helps charities -- they provide a secure website for online donations so that other charities don't have to "reinvent the wheel". They accept your online donation, issue you a tax receipt, and deposit the money directly into our bank account. CanadaHelps provides this service to over 2500 Canadian charities, and many thousands of donors.

Using this service means that The Jack Bell Foundation can accept donations by credit card, otherwise, we can only accept cheques as we are not set-up for processing credit cards.

Q. What portion of my donation goes to CanadaHelps?

A. A very modest portion (3 percent) is allocated to CanadaHelps for the cost of credit card merchant rates, per transaction charges, banking and disbursement fees. This is a lower cost than if we processed your credit card donation directly. For more details, please visit their website:

Q. I tried to make a donation through CanadaHelps but I ran into problems. How do I get help or find out what happened to my donation?

A. If you encounter any problems with the CanadaHelps website, please send an email to or call 416.628.6948.

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